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What we do


cosa facciamoConsuere wants to be on the side of its clients in the creation of projects and instruments aimed at making companies more effective and able to reach their goals. For this reason our activities are managed in close contact with the clients. Our actions are characterized by a strong co-operation and by the fusion of our skills with the ones of our clients in order to reach better results.

You can find a short list of our services down below:

Training: we consider training as a built path that goes from the analysis of the needs and the wants of the client to the design of the courses and the instruments used in it; from the management of the classroom environment to the evaluation of the training results and to the “fine tuning” of company’s training plans.

Learning activities design: we can design and structure training content and learning techniques. Nowadays updating its own technical know-how is capital to develop and to increase behaviors useful to reach company’s goals. Workforce growth process has to be managed with great attention to the dynamics and the methods proper to the learning activities chosen for those goals.

HR Tools: we can support clients in the implementation or the enhancement of effective HR management systems by using tools with a high level of customization and contextualization. Behaviors are not universal and in our perspective they cannot be studied with generalist criteria. We designed several HR management tools, but we are always ready to build new ones.

Selection: we help the client in the management of the process from the recruitment (job analysis, profiles description, research of the best sources of C.V. for the needs of the client) to the interviews and the assessment centers and to the planning of “on the job” training for the selected resources.

Evaluation: we sustain clients in activities of Performance Evaluation and Potential Analysis. In both cases, the evaluation process starts from a deep knowledge of the company. The mapping of tasks of each person and every area and the preparation of the instruments of evaluation are key steps in the process.

Safety at work: we support the companies for the achievement of their safety goals and the enhancement of their prevention system. We can help clients to design and to delivery all the courses provided by the Italian safety law (81/08). We can help them as well to analyze and improve their corporate safety culture, in order to increase well-being at work and to decrease injuries.